Innovations in touch with the latest trends

Research and development at Binder+ Co

The company carries out material tests on machines, develops new processes and designs new machines in the research and development centre.

Services and innovations of the Binder+Co research and development centre:

  • Approximately 250 material tests per year
  • World’s first optical glass sorting system based on colours and contaminants using a unique three-way solution
  • World’s first industrial solution for sorting heat-resistant glass without using the x-ray fluorescence - Binder+Co won the National Innovation Prize for this process in 2009.
  • World’s fastest high-performance open-mouth packaging system
  • The most efficient screening solutions for difficult-to-screen bulk materials (coal, ores, mineral raw materials, recycling materials)
  • All working product segments in the world’s top 3
Innovation rate as a measure of success
The innovation rate is a key figure for Binder+Co’s remarkable innovative strength. This is the share of all new orders generated with products that the company has brought onto the market within the last three years.

In 2011, this figure was 19% in the environmental technology sector - one fifth of total incoming orders in 2011 were obtained with innovations and further product developments.

Open Innovation

Binder+Co works in basic research with competent partners from internationally acknowledged research institutes, universities and technical colleges. The company also practices open innovation when dealing with its customers. This philosophy enables Binder+Co to be close to the market with its technologies and to identify and meet emerging needs quickly.