Welcome to Binder+Co!

"We are responsible now for what happens in the future.“

> Karl Popper, Austro-British philosopher, 1902-1994

Binder+Co is an industrial company specializing in machines and complete plants for comminution, screening, wet and thermal processing, sorting, packaging and palletizing of bulk materials of all types.

Binder+Co is global market leader in the screening of so-called difficult-to-screen bulk materials, such as damp coal or wet sand, and glass recycling. Machines and complete plants are exported all over the world from the company’s headquarters in Gleisdorf.
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Binder+Co’s machines are used for the processing of bulk materials:

  • Construction raw materials (e.g. for the manufacture of concrete and asphalt)
  • Industrial materials (e.g. calcium carbonate for the manufacture of construction materials and fillers, fertilizers)
  • Coal
  • Ores
  • Waste glass
  • Waste paper
  • Plastics
  • Salts
  • Foodstuffs and animal feeds
  • Chemical fertilizers

Due to the ongoing develop of new processes and machines and the continuous enhancement of existing systems, Binder+Co makes a significant contribution to ensuring that scarce raw materials will still be available in the future.

In line with the motto “we process the future”, Binder+Co is particularly concerned with efficient exploitation of raw materials and maximum levels of recycling.

A large number of national and international awards underline the esteem which Binder+ Co has for its employees, the region and the environment.